A Jittery Day


Hello Fellow readers! Today dawned a new day, bright, sunny, crisp day! I knew upon waking it would be one of my “jittery, and difficult” days.  It’s been a busy few days, so I knew it would happen, so I set today aside to rest. Saturday was an Easter Egg Hunt with my Son; Sunday, Church Services and Easter dinner; Monday was my son’s birthday; and yesterday was my dad’s birthday! Like I said busy days!! Life has hit me in so many unexpected ways. So many things I’m experiencing I never thought I’d go through. I’d never wish them on anyone else.

On a good day I still struggle to walk, and tire easily, and stumble through a conversation. However, on days such as today, I have trouble walking, trouble talking, headache, brain fog, pain in my arms, legs, and hands, and dizziness. Days like today, I just rest. It doesn’t make me lazy, it makes me aware of what’s going on, aware of what could happen if I were to push myself. The shakiness in my entire body sometimes becomes too much and all I can do is lie down and rest.

Some people told me to get over it, to exercise, to stop making it up.. It hurts to be told that. Just because they don’t understand, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. What I suffer with, and what others that have what I do suffer with everyday is very real and very painful. Educate yourself before being judgmental. I’ve been stared at, gawked at, and pushed over by people while out.. It’s amazing to me how they treat that which they don’t understand. I’ve become kind of reclusive due to this. But why should we hide ourselves for their ignorance??? We shouldn’t! We should stand tall and proud at our strength and courage in how we handle and live with this disease everyday!!

So my readers, stand tall, be proud of who you are, no matter your limitations, or disabilities. For you know your strength and courage. For we are warriors in battle of our every day lives!!! I proudly call you friend, proudly call you by my side as a fellow warrior. We’ll fight this together, lean on each other. Support systems are a necessity when dealing with this disease. We will become our own system!

difficult day

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