I’m back!

Hello All!! Sorry for the delay, I was going through a rough time. I’m working on bringing more positive actions and feelings into my life. This blog helps with so many things. I don’t want it to be all negative. I have bad days, but I am trying to work through them.

For my first new blog I’m taking it into a new direction!

Something I really love to do is write. I love writing. I also love reading, and cooking. Though cooking is sometimes difficult, I refuse to give it up! My goal from now on is to write about everything, and focus more on the positives in my life, than the negatives! 🙂  I have worked towards finding my faith again. I find it helps me find peace, and calmness in dealing with this disease.  In recent days I’ve taken a trip to Colonial Williamsburg with my son. He had so much fun! It was incredibly challenging, but you know what?! I did it!  We went for two days. I took my walker, and we sat whenever possible. We had so much fun. It was a very needed trip for us. I also spent time with my boyfriend, and it was so special. .. I feel so blessed that this man loves me so thoroughly to take that step with me. We’re also working on purchasing a house together! We’ve also been thinking of a few ideas for him in regards to work. He’s excited about future changes as am I. Together we’ll make it happen.

Most wonder how I stay positive. It’s not always easy, but I find it necessary to try to think as positive as I can. Yes I have this debilitating disease, it’s taken my independence, my legs, and some of my hearing, but it hasn’t taken my faith, my strength or my love. I’m still here, still living and that’s what I need to focus on! A friend of mine told me a huge surprise. Her mom has a few electric scooters, and they have offered to give me one. I was in shock, I cried. I told her I couldn’t repay her. She said my friendship, and love is all I need to give her.  So now I will be able to go on walks with my son! Go to theme parks, and do so much more! I’m truly blessed with my friends and loved ones.

As for you my dear readers. When life seems dark, light will always shine. You must simply look inside yourself, or a loved one for that light. Don’t let darkness overcome you!


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