New Day

new day



Today was a new day. A new day for anything to happen! I’m currently visiting my mom in a small town in Tennessee. I’ve been here since the 14th. It’s been eye opening. I’ve been able to relax, and let go of the stresses and make decisions. I’m at peace. I’ve been working on not keeping everything bottled up, instead I call my one person, I know she’s there for me. I’m lucky to have her, and my family and friends. Their support is so appreciated.

I’ve been trying to get strength back in my legs, without having to use my walker all the time. I don’t necessarily need it, but It helps balance me on my bad days. I’ve been alright for the most part without it. Though it is tiring, and painful, i’m working through it. I’m determined! My hands are cramping more often, I no longer write unless absolutely necessary. My stutter comes and goes. But one thing that doesn’t is my strength and courage. My positive outlook on life has truly helped me with this. I have made a vow to myself to not dwell on the bad, but to look at the positives in my life. I’m alive, I have an amazing son, supportive friends and family. In all words, I’m blessed. Truly blessed.

There are days i’m feeling down, and sad. They don’t last, because despite it all, i’m a fighter. I’m a believer that though this disease is terrible, it’s something I was chosen to go through for my strength, and I will not fail.

Love is something I dream of, yet i’m terrified of it. Why would someone want to deal with all this, that’s what I ask myself. Then I think, I’m a great person! I’m an amazing woman. This doesn’t take away from that. I’m still me. I’m still strong, courageous, beautiful, caring, positive, full of life! Someone will see this, and I will have my happy ending.  I’m sure of it, though scared.

To you my dear readers. Love, life, and laugh. Be happy, and positive. Make everyday a new day!

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