Hi! Welcome to my page! I started writing a few years ago to help me through this journey. I’ve created this blog in hopes that I can reach others, and build a wonderful community where we support, encourage and lift each other up during our trying times.

I will also start doing vlogs, posting them here as well. (coming soon)

I hope you enjoy my posts, and please feel free to leave a comment, or use the contact form if you have any questions, or just want to share your story.

I am hoping to work with another Advocate in getting awareness for the #SicknotUgly.  I’m also personally working on #RedefiningBeauty, and also #ImperfectlyBeautiful. I’d love to talk to others, share your story.

If you want to collaborate, please reach out to me!

Looking forward to sharing my journey and helping others! Let’s build something amazing together!

With love,