This section holds special meaning to me. It has become my main motivation for this project, Redefining Beauty. I’ve created this section to showcase various photography projects I’ve worked on. Whether they were for awareness, self confidence, or simply to empower and encourage others.

 I’m also personally working on #RedefiningBeauty, and also #ImperfectlyBeautiful.

Showing the person, not the diagnosis. Showing your beauty. It does not matter whether you have a medical device, ie: ostomy, enteral tube, port, picc; These do not take away your worth. They do not take away your beauty. My goal is to encourage you, to empower you to see beyond them, to see your worth, to see your beauty. 

These photos are also available on my instagram.

If any photographer or spoonie would like to work with me on this, or submit their photos to be added to this page and campaign, please reach out to me.

Below are just some of the photoshoots I’ve participated in.